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  • Wall Mountable, 180° Oscillating, ULV Cold Fogger w/Timer Control

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    In stock, Wall Mountable, 180° programmable oscillating ulv cold fogger with built-in timer control.  

    Programmable oscillation: 180° horizontally or 90°-120° vertically.   The 180° horizontal oscillation provides a full sweep coverage, making this ideal for the medical profession, schools, hospitals, etc.

    Voltage: 110V

    Power: 200W

    Tank Capacity: 8L

    Weight: 5.9 kg

    Dimensions: 323mm x 162.5mm x 496mm

    Droplet Size: 35-60 microns (adjustable)

    Spraying volume: 25-350 ml/min

    Spraying Distance: 5-6 meters

    Bluetooth control

    Built-in timer

    Wall Mountable or portable (carry handle on back of unit)

    Ideal for dentist offices, medical offices, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, schools, emergency rooms, etc.