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  • 360° Rotational Disinfection Machine

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    In stock, 360 degree adjustable rotational disinfection machine

    Features and Specifications:

    Unique design

    360 degree horizontal rotation for homogeneous disinfection

    Adjustable rotation speed

    Adjustable flow rate and particle size

    Two year extended warranty

    Weight: 6.3 kg

    Power: 1100 watt 110v/60hz electric motor

    Dry and wet mist projection via Venutri effect up to 15 meters from machine

    Speed of mist flow rate: 80m/s

    Particle size: 7-20 microns

    Interchangeable cartridge: 0.5 to 1 lt

    0.5-1-2 ml for 1 m3 according to adjustable particle size

    Programmable indoor volume 0-1000 m3

    CE certified

    Made in Turkey