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VS-4 Smart Valve, Air Release & Inlet Valve

$4,200.00 $4,075.00

VS-4 Smart Valve

History and Rationale

Odour Technologies (Australia) have looked at the problems experienced by wastewater operators with air release valves. Over a period of 5 years we have designed and tested our double chamber valve that overcomes previously experienced faults found in single chamber valves.

Reduced Maintenance

Due to its ability to work maintenance-free for extended periods, it continually maintains and protects itself from the rigours of wastewater transfer, the name “VS-4 Smartvalve” was an obvious choice.

Cost Savings

Reducing short and long term maintenance costs are an important consideration. By virtue of Smartvalve’s total-life, anti-hammer design, pipe fatigue is greatly reduced. VS-4 Smartvalve guarantees an anti-slam pressure chamber of air at all times.

Common Single Chamber Air Valve Faults

  • By their design, single chamber air valves are very prone to blocking.
  • There is contact between contaminants and float and seal assemblies. The float rises, the air compresses and contaminants rise above the float where it then accumulates as a bird nest of cotton buds, fats and other items.
  • It is very common for seals in a dirty environment to leak small amounts of air. When this happens the floating detritus accesses the valve seal assembly and causes total failure.
  • When conical and similar shaped air valves become blocked with fats and other solids it is very hard for operators to clean them making total removal to a workshop a necessity.
  • A blocked air valve with no air internally has no anti-hammer properties thus putting the mains under duress and prone to bursting.
  • Cast iron air valves are prone to corrosion.
  • Violent bursts of air or water in direct contact with the float assembly has a very destructive effect on the sealing mechanism.

The VS-4 SMARTVALVE Solution

  • The VS-4 SMARTVALVE is constructed using 316 stainless steel and fully pickled.
  • A full service can be done from above, on-site, in 5-10 minutes. No heavy lifting in and out of pits.
  • The primary chamber is sealed and cannot lose its air charge thus maintaining anti-hammer properties continuously helping to protect the mains.
  • The tubular screen in the primary chamber prevents rubbish entering the secondary chamber thus protecting the valve assembly.
  • The 2kg (4.4lbs) positive buoyancy of the float seats the seals at atmospheric pressure. Rated at 18 bar.
  • On vacuum type mains a one-way-only valve can be fitted.
  • To double or treble air flows the VS-4 SMARTVALVE can be ordered with a second or third valve chamber attached to the primary chamber.
  • The base flange is a table D 4 inch with adaptor plates for all other sizes. Special base flanges can be ordered to suit customer requirements.
  • When compared to single chamber valves the VS-4 SMARTVALVE service interval can be extended by up to ten times.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Patented double chamber air release & inlet
  • On site service with removable filter
  • 18 Bar and seals at atmospheric pressure
  • Built in anti-hammer and auto back flush
  • Detritus is excluded from the valve & float chamber
  • 2 stage fast and slow air release for anti-slam
  • Adaptors for all flange sizes

  • Removable filter basket
  • Auto back-flush
  • 316 stainless steel
  • International patent pending