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  • Vacu-Fresh Pump Exhaust Deodorizer System, Combo Package


    Vacu-Fresh® Pump Exhaust Deodorizer System

    Eliminate odors from sewage pump truck vacuum pumps

    The Vacu-Fresh® Vacuum Pump Exhaust Deodorizer System eliminates odors coming from the vacuum pump on sewage pump trucks. It consists of a filtration tank which is installed in the exhaust line after the pump and a special deodorizing liquid which is added to the filtration tank. The tank contains special baffles which assure the foul smelling exhaust air comes in contact with the deodorizing liquid, which then captures the odor, and the exhaust exits the filter tank odor-free.

    The combo package contains 1-4" exhaust system plus 1-5 gallon pail of concentrated liquid deodorizer.  For larger exhaust systems, please call for pricing or send e-mail request.