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  • Vaportek Vapor Clip System, 12 clips plus12 disks, 25 g. ea.

    $76.50 $72.50

    Vaportek™ Vapor Clip System Combo Package

    Passive, dry vapor clip system. Utilizes a special non-woven fiber element called a disk.  This combo package includes 12-Alligator Clips plus 12-Disks.  The disks are available in 3X Industrial (Eucalyptus/Pine) or S.O.S. Smoke.Odor.Solutions (Cinnamon Blend).  When ordering, please make the fragrance selection in the drop down menu.

    Quick Facts:

    • Alligator clip secure disks for basic deodorization
    • Disks last up to 90 days
    • 7.25″ chain is rust proof
    • Biodegradable fiber disk contains 25g of oils
    • Approx. Dimensions: 3″W x 3/8″D
    • Treats roughly 4,000 ft3

    Product Ideal For (But Not Limited To):

    • Automobiles/Boats
    • Office Cubical
    • Garbage Areas
    • Grease Trap Vents
    • Drawer/Utility Closets
    • Trailers
    • Contents Chambers
    • Portable Toilets
    Vaportek™ Vapor Clip System Product Literature