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Vaportek High-Output Replacement Cartridge, 150 g., 120-day

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Vaportek High-Output Replacement Cartridge 

For use in Vaportek Restorator, Restorator DUO, and Optimum 4000.  Several of Vaportek's products require cartridges.  The Vaportek High-Output Cartridge is rated for 120 Days and is 150 grams. Cartridges are filled with an essential oil membrane.  The oils "sweat" through the tiny membrane pores and are dispersed into the air as a dry vapor with the assistance of air movers or natural air current.  This cartridge is available in Classic Neutral for odor control or 16 other fragrances.  Please refer to the Fragrance Guide for details:

Vaportek Fragrance Guide