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OCP&E Vapor and Contact Phase, Odor Modifier Complex


OCP&E® Vapor and Contact Phase Odor Modifier Complex™ (OMC) is a broad spectrum, professional odor control chemical that controls odors without masking or employing juvenile fragrances such as grape, bubblegum, tutti-frutti, baby powder, etc.  This chemical imparts a clean, neutral scent while eliminating odors.

This proven-effective chemical contains an ecologically sound surfactant, Ordenone® inclusion clathrate encapsulator, zinc ricinoleate, and the proprietary Odor Modifier Complex™ technology designed to eliminate a broad spectrum of malodors.  The sophisticated OMC Fragrance is characterized as with top notes of fresh, woody, citrus, herbal, and middle notes of herbal floral, sage, ylang ylang, lemon-lime, and orange.  Base notes are rose, musk.  The complex fragrance imparts an overall neutral scent.  

Ordenone® is an odorless inclusion clathrate compound which acts as a chemical lattice to entrap sulfides, amines, mercaptans, ammonia, indole and skatole compounds, and certain aldehydes.  The following chart illustrates an independent laboratory test of ammonia removal at 77.5% achieved with 3% Ordenone® in water.  

Zinc Ricinoleate is a zinc salt of ricinoleic acid.  Zinc oxide comprises the zinc source, while ricinoleic acid is a purified fatty acid from castor seed oil extracted from the Ricinus communis plant.  Zinc ricinoleate does not contain ricin.  Zinc salts of ricinoleic acid are effective at controlling a broad spectrum of odors.  Because of its safety profile and effectiveness, zinc ricinoleate is widely used in personal care products such as commercial deodorants, anti-perspirants, laundry detergents, etc.   

Unlike typical deodorizers, OMC contains carefully constructed chemical compounds where the large molecules contain polar groups.  Any exchange or donation of protons between OMC and malodor molecules--when interaction occurs--results in an exchange of charges.  After interaction occurs, odor polar bonds are disrupted, and malodors are neutralized.

Odor Modifier Complex™ imparts a clean, nondescript, neutral scent.  This clear, dye-free formula is ideal for use as a compounding agent for janitorial, carpet, upholstery, and fabric care products.

This highly concentrated formulation is ideal for use in wastewater treatment facilities, recycling centers, dumpsters, waste transfer stations, trash compactors/garbage rooms, landfills, lift stations, wet wells, animal by-product/rendering plants, pet food manufacturing, food processing facilities, livestock containment areas, egg processing facilities, poultry processors, etc.