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  • UV-C Disinfection Robot

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    UV-C Disinfection Robot

    Lamp Mode: 36W/Article

    Lamp Shape: H Tube

    Tube Material: Quartz glass tube

    UV Type: UV-C

    UV Wavelength: 253.7nm

    Sterilization Efficiency: 99.9%

    Single Maximum Disinfection Area: 36*10/1.5=240m²

    Navigation Mode: Laser 

    Disinfection Time: 10-30min.

    Ventilation Requirements: more than 30 minutes when the ozone is turned on.

    Drive Method: DC servo motor, two wheel differential (flexible steering)

    Security Protection Mode: Ultrasonic radar + infrared obstacle avoidance

    Maximum Running Speed: 30m/min

    Communication Method: WIFI

    Human-computer interaction mode: Tablet

    Control Terminal: PC/iPad/phone.  System: Windows or Android.

    Turn Around: Rotate in place with the center of the two wheels as the center of the circle

    Security Protection Mode: Ultrasonic radar + infrared obstacle avoidance 

    Climbing angle (incline): < 3 degrees

    Obstacle Avoidance Function: Autonomous

    Induction: Human detection causes machine to stop disinfection while sounding alarm

    Battery Time: 8 hours

    Average Charging Time: 4 hours

    Automatic Charging: 2 hours full.  Can be recharged when not in use.

    Overall Size: 450mm x 400mm x 1300mm

    Secondary development software and hardware interface: support, TTL/RS232/TCPIP.  Optional, open communication protocol (TCP/UDP, serial port) and external wiring diagram.