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  • TC12-M-R Industrial Remote Controlled Disinfectant Sprayer

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    TC12-M-R Industrial Remote Controlled Disinfectant Sprayer

    The Industrial Remote Controlled specialized disinfectant application machine can treat areas as small as a vehicle or as large as a hospital.  This machine is compact, sturdy, durable, and provides unparalleled disinfectant application.  With a higher performance, faster coverage, and broader versatility, the TC12-M-R goes to work laying down an even layer of disinfectant better than the competition.  Flow rate is adjustable based on the speed of travel to ensure even coverage of sanitizer.  Capable of coverage of 100,000 square feet per hour.  Equipped with individual spray wand with an extension of over 40 ft.  

    Control: This unit can be controlled by a handle with wig wag throttle or completely by remote control.

    Spray Radius: The spray arms can be raised to 6 feet and lowered to just a few inches above the spray body.  Adjustable spray range pattern ranging from 3.8 ft. - 12ft. wide and up to 8ft. high.

    Disinfectant Control: Sprayer nozzles are adjustable.  Metering volume is set to the sprayer speed.

    Compact Size:  Ideal for airplane aisles, movie theaters, concert halls, class rooms, office buildings, etc.

    Coverage: Up to 100,000 square feet per hour.

    Color: White.

    Door Way: Unit fits standard door opening of 4ft. or wider.

    Power: Remote Controlled, Battery Operated.

    Grounding: Not Required.

    Droplet Size: Very Fine (VF) 20-37 microns.

    Nozzles: 4-Main Spray Bar

    Spray Distance: 4-12 Feet

    Tank Capacity: 12 Gallons

    Dimensions: 39" L x 29" H x 17" W

    Batteries: Yes, Included.

    Charger: 12/24V and 110V Charger

    Warranty: 1 Year.

    Chemicals: Water Based.

    Includes: Batteries and Charger.