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OCP&E Deodor-Floator™


OCP&E® Deodor-Floater™

Deodor-Floater™ contains pure 100% d-Limonene.  Extracted from the peels of oranges, d-Limonene is an all natural, highly aromatic, biodegradable degreaser, cleaning compound, and solvent.  The distinctive and delightful citrus aroma coupled with d-Limonene's FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) safety profile, makes this product the environmentally sound alternative to petroleum based solvents and caustic chemicals.  As a hydrophobic liquid, d-Limonene floats on the surface of tanks, lift station wet wells, wastewater treatment tanks, treatment lagoons, pits, etc. providing effective deodorization while preventing the accumulation of fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.).  

OCP&E® sells pure, 100% d-Limonene with no added ingredients such as glycols or other additives.  Because of the purity of this high grade product, clients typically use less than other degreasers.  

Packaging is a 390 pound, 55 gallon phenolic lined steel container.