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  • SulfaTreat 410CHP Granular Media, 50 lb bags x 40 qty

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    SulfaTreat 410CHP Granular Media

    SulfaTreat HP utilizes the same basic principles as regular SulfaTreat but with improved reaction characteristics that allow the effective removal of hydrogen sulfide, methyl and ethyl mercaptans in a granular, fixed-bed process.  SulfaTreat HP combines proprietary iron compounds mixed with supplemental, proprietary chemicals.  The iron-oxide media reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce non-hazardous, disposable iron pyrite better known as Fool's Gold.  The total load capacity of SulfaTreat HP is the same as for regular SulfaTreat.  SulfaTreat offers 99.9% removal of hydrogen sulfide and is ranked number one for hydrogen sulfide removal by the Gas Research Institute. 

    SulfaTreat offers a distinct advantage over other granular medias, such as activated carbon, in that SulfaTreat performs even in gas streams fully saturated with water, making this the product of choice for damp, humid climates, and other applications.  SulfaTreat HP also provides optimal performance in less than fully water-saturated gas air streams, and these air streams can be treated without water injection at the vessel inlet.  Unlike activated carbons, SulfaTreat does not form stinky, sulfur based compounds.  

    SulfaTreat HP allows increased flow rates with less contact time as compared with regular SulfaTreat where only hydrogen sulfide removal is required.  The removal of light methyl and ethyl mercaptans loads in water-saturated gas streams makes SulfaTreat HP an ideal granular odor control media for wastewater treatment facilities, lift stations, landfills, biosolids handling facilities, animal by-products/rendering operations, etc.  

    SulfaTreat 410CHP Product Literature

    Application Ranges:

    • Pressure         -4 to 4000 psig / -0.3 to 276 barg
    • Temperature        34˚F to 210˚F / 1˚C to 99˚C

    • Flow Rate           0.0005 to 80 MMscf/day / 0.6 to 94,000 Nm3/hr

    • Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration       5 to 50,000 ppmv / 7.7 to 77,000 mg/m3

    • Hydrogen Sulfide Mass Flow        50 to 1,400 lb per day  / 23 to 640 kg per day

    Packaging: SulfaTreat 410CHP is available for sale in 50 pound bags x 40 qty. per pallet or 2,000 pounds total.  The OCP&E price includes delivery (F.O.B. Destination).  SulfaTreat can be ordered in 2,000 pound bulk bags or full truck load orders of 40,000 pounds.