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  • Solvay Proxitane AHC EPA Registered COVID-19 Disinfectant

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    Proxitane AHC is an EPA-registered disinfectant (EPA Reg No. 68660-11), effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  PROXITANE AHC is a solution containing peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid.  It is a highly effective biocide, used in a wide variety of applications for the disinfection of equipment, surfaces, or fluids.  This disinfectant is found on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. Perfect for hard surface disinfection in and around industrial and institutional facilities, including animal housing, farm equipment, poultry hatcheries, schools, veterinary environments, recreational facilities, medical facilities, office buildings, and more. 
    Proxitane AHC breaks down in the environment to vinegar and water, does not stain, and leaves no harmful residues. 
    Proxitane AHC is a broad-spectrum peracetic acid-based disinfectant that is specially formulated to optimize its disinfectant action via its strong oxidizing action, with no known risk of anti-microbial resistance buildup. Proxitane AHC works by the generation of free oxygen, which ruptures cells and denatures proteins in the target microorganism.  Proxitane AHC is a highly effective surface disinfectant against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, virus, and fungi including several Staphylococcus and Salmonella species and is based on an active ingredient which no microorganism has developed a resistance to in more than 80 years of use. Its efficacy is enhanced by the specially formulated surfactant, which provides better stability, penetration, surface retention and added detergent action.

    This EPA-approved broad-spectrum disinfectant is ideal for fogging, spraying, or immersion. It has cleaning and disinfecting applications for all buildings, vehicles,, and containers and is excellent for addressing key pathogenic organisms in a wide array of applications.