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Solulys 095K Bio-Activator/Bio-Accelerator, 55.1 lb (25kg) bags x 20 qty


Solulys ® 095K Bio-Activator/Bio-Accelerator

Solulys 095K is a spray dried corn-steep powder recognized in fermentation to produce a nutrient-rich additive for the growth of micro-organisms.  Rich in amino acids, proteins, trace minerals, vitamins, and other organic growth factors, Solulys accelerates microbial growth in a variety of wastewater and lift station applications.

Due to its versatility with other carbon sources to boost biomass growth, Solulys is the bio-activator of choice for larger systems, and for smaller systems, Solulys works as a stand alone product.  

Solulys 095K is an excellent supplemental product of use with commercial microbial products to boost count value when coupled with a bioreactor or as a pre-soak activation step.

Dosage: Dosages will vary depending on waste concentration/loading.  For bioreactors, a minimum 1% solution is recommended.  

Packaging: 55.1 lb (25 kg) net bags on a mini pallet of 20 units or standard pallet of 40 units.  Other bulk packaging is available.