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  • PulsFOG TracFog

    $26,500.00 $26,225.00

    PulsFOG® TracFog

    World's First PTO Driven Cold Fogging Machine

    The PulsFOG TracFog is ideal for pesticide application such as mosquito control, for indoor and outdoor plant protection, for livestock disinfection and aerosol vaccination, for deodorization and odor neutralization.

    empty weight                                               250 kg 

    dimensions                                                  105 cm L x 78 cm D x 170 cm H
    shipping dimensions, plywood box             110 cm L x 85 cm D X 180 cm H
    solution tank                                                400 liters
    droplet size                                                  20-30µm
    flow rate                                                       60-120 l/h
    flow adjustment                                            restriction nozzles
    blower                                                          rotary piston blower (roots type)
    fogging nozzles                                            2 far-throwing w/ adjustable fogging direction
    driving gear                                                  power take-off (PTO standard 35-Z6 resp. 
                                                                        1 3/8" with 540 rpm)
    min. tractor performance                             15 HP

    PulsFOG TracFog Product Literature