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Proptec Rotary Atomizer, 2.5 HP Hydraulic, Dual Stage 6" Basket, Low Flow Hub

$1,351.00 $1,340.00

Basic Description: Hydraulic driven low power, low flow, fine mesh, 6" basket, single injector tube.

Typical Uses: Humidification, low volume chemical application.

Base Price: $1,351 (USD)

Operational Parameters:

Droplet Size Range:50-110 Microns
Flow Rate:3.75 LPM (0-1 GPM)
Normal Speed:5000 RPM
Largest Particle:0.4mm (.016")
Max Temperature:82° C (180° F)
Max Speed:5500 RPM
Power Required at Max Flow & Normal RPM:1.8 Kw (2.5 Hp)
Hydraulic Oil Flow:7.2 L @ 5000 RPM (1.9 GPM)
Hydraulic Pressure:2500 PSI max

Design Specifications:

Primary Stage Hub:Low flow, 6061 aluminum
Second Stage Basket:6 inch (150 mm), 30-mesh
Injector Tubes:One tube, stainless
Spindle:6061 Aluminum
Isolator Type:Red Novitaine ® 
Motor Type:1.4 cc hydraulic
Fan Type:None
Mounting Bail: None
Weight:1.8 kg (4 lbs)

Dual Stage Atomizer

Produces droplets adjustable from medium-fine to mist within the range of 40 to 250 microns, with a radial spray pattern.

Proptec dual or "cage" atomizers use a two step rotary atomization process. The fluid is ejected from the rotating hub by centrifugal force through large holes where it impacts a fine screen mesh rotating at high RPM to further atomize the fluid and create extremely fine droplets. The final stage of the atomization is distributed over the entire screen mesh which creates superior resistance to clogging and abrasive wear. Rotary screen or cage atomizer droplet characteristics are controlled by this mesh size and the tangential velocity of the rotating screen.

Common uses

  • Medium to fine atomization of viscous fluids, glues, and syrups
  • Pesticide and chemical application systems
  • Industrial humidification
  • Outdoor evaporative cooling
  • Adiabatic cooling
  • Wastewater evaporation
  • Odor control chemical distribution
  • Heavy duty dust control
  • Applying abrasive liquids
  • Replacement of air atomizing nozzles when superior performance is required
  • Replacement of high pressure fogging nozzles for high volume application
  • Greenhouse misting and cooling
  • Large scale industrial aeroponic root misting
  • Robust large scale fumigation systems