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  • Proptec Portable Dust and Odor Controller

    $5,500.00 $5,400.00

    Proptec™ Portable Dust and Odor Controller

    The Proptec Portable Dust and Odor Controller is easy to set-up; this system is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, metal recyclers, waste transfer stations, WWTPs, and other applications.  This system features:

    • Point source odor and dust control
    • Easy set-up and break-down in less than 5 minutes
    • Rugged and versatile
    • Low maintenance
    • Nozzle-free design will not clog or plug

    The Proptec Portable is available in electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.  This system includes an adjustable water flow of 1-3 GPM for varying conditions.  Rotary atomizer produces billions more droplets than pressure nozzles.  The water regulator system allows connection to any water line.