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  • OCP&E Peroxibase II


    OCP&E® Peroxibase II

    Application Equipment: Recirculating Packed Bed Wet Scrubber Systems, Mist Chambers, Confined Space Chemical Fogging Systems, etc.

    Ideal For: Wastewater Treatment Plants, Lift Stations, Rendering/Animal By-Products Facilities, Pet Food Manufacturers, Food Processing Plants, Hydrogen Sulfide and Corrosion Control, Reclaim Car Wash Water Additive, Wineries, Breweries, etc.

    Peroxibase II is the second generation ultimate oxidizer for clients opting for a chlorine-free approach in air pollution control applications such as recirculating packed bed wet scrubber systems and mist chambers.  Peroxibase II forms no chlorinated by-products, and when used in conjunction with caustic soda, less scaling is formed resulting in less maintenance.  For clients desiring to replace caustic soda, Peroxibase II works synergistically with magnesium hydroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide is a more heat-stable and efficient oxidizer than chlorine-based chemicals, and systems utilizing Peroxibase II require less water consumption.  Contaminant removal rates can be achieved at lower ORP (often in the 200-400 µV range).  This strong oxidizer contains a powerful, peroxide-stable deodorizer to control odors from the most challenging applications.

    Peroxibase II contains 12% hydrogen peroxide with an ecologically sound surfactant, an industrial grade peroxide-stable deodorizer, and silicone defoamer.

    Available in Mediterranean Citrus fragrance.  Fragrance Description: 

    • Top Notes: green apple, citrus, tangerine
    • Middle Notes: fresh herbaceous flora, rose, clove
    • Base Notes: woody, fir balsam, musk

    Product Packaging: 55 gallon drum or 275 gallon tote