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  • OCP&E Neutrole Powder Formula


    OCP&E® Brand Neutrole™ Powder Formula is an innovative chemical, which can be applied wet or dry.  Formulated with boric acid, Ordenone® odor encapsulator, essential oils and derivatives, Powder Formula is an essential plant maintenance staple.  Ideal for dumpsters, leachate, sewer spills and overflows, waste transfer stations, garbage trucks, trash compactors, etc.  Apply with a scoop or hand-held fertilizer type spreader.  To apply wet, simply dilute product with cold water (10:1 water: powder), and shake well.  Use a back back sprayer, blower, or hand held sprayer to evenly distribute the product in hard to reach areas.  Packaged in 50 pound re-sealable container.  

    Available in Citrus Mint or Citronella Formulas.