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  • OCP&E Neutrole Scrubber Formula

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    OCP&E® Scrubber Formula

    Application Equipment: Recirculating Packed Bed Wet Scrubber Systems, Mist Chambers, Degasifier Scrubbers, Chemical Fogging Equipment, Misting Systems, Atomization Fans, Topical Sprayer, etc.

    Ideal For: WWTPs, Lift Stations, Biosolids Facilities, Sludge and Wastewater Additive, Animal By-Product Facilities, Rendering, Pet Food Manufacturing, Food Processing, Meat Packers, Poultry Processors, Egg Processors, Dairies, Hog Processors, Protein Processors, etc.

    Scrubber Formula is a unique, highly concentrated multi-purpose odor neutralizer specifically designed to replace or augment traditional scrubber chemicals a/k/a scrubbants such as bleach, chlorine dioxide, chlorine gas, acids, and caustic soda. Scrubber Formula cleans packing media and internals, and the chemical can be added while systems are running continuously to avoid unnecessary down-times.  Imparts a pleasant, natural clean scent at stack exhaust.  Scrubber Formula can also be misted, atomized, fogged, topically sprayed, or employed as an additive, and because of its versatility, Scrubber Formula is the chemical of choice for facilities opting to streamline their chemical inventories.

    This proven-effective chemical contains an ecologically sound surfactant, hydrogen sulfide reducing bacteria with sulfide counteractant, 20X bacteria blend plus counteractant, additional bacteria blend for tough organic loads, inclusion clathrate encapsulator, zinc ricinoleate, trade secret encapsulator, a blend of several essential oils and essential oil derivatives, phytochemicals, terpenoids, botanicals, extracts, phenylpropanol, and a silicone defoamer.

    Please refer to TDS for details.

    This product is packaged as a Ready to Use (RTU) Formula and a Waterless, Super Concentrate (100% raw materials--no water added).  Most facilities opt for the Super Concentrate to save on footprint and shipping costs.