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  • OCP&E Neutrole Ready to Use (RTU) and Concentrate


    OCP&E Neutrole Ready to Use (RTU) and Concentrate Formulas.

    Neutrole® is a state of equilibrium where malodors are rendered imperceptible and beyond detection. Zero odors. The Neutrole® odor control chemical line contains key, proprietary, and synergistic technologies to eliminate odors on contact. Neutrole® is available as a Ready to Use Formula (RTU) or as a Concentrate Formula. Choose from several essential oil blends. Both water soluble formulations can be applied neat (undiluted) or at various dilution rates from 1:1 (water : product) to 1000: 1 (water : product). Neutrole® is non-hazardous, sewer disposable, and EPA Level IV. Toxicology reports are available upon request. Do not mix this chemical with oxidizers, acids, or other chemicals. Keep from heat, sparks, flame, and freezing. Store in a cool, dry place.

    This chemical contains:

    1. Hydrogen Sulfide Reducing Bacteria with Sulfide Counteractant
    2. Bacterial Blend with Trade Secret Counteractant
    3. Inclusion Clathrate Odor Encapsulator
    4. Zinc Ricinoleate Odor Encapsulator
    5. Trade Secret Odor Encapsulator removes 90%+ Odors
    6. Essential Oils
    7. Plant Oils
    8. Essential Oil Derivatives
    9. Extracts
    10. Botanicals
    11. Natural Fragrances
    12. Ecologically sound surfactants

    This chemical is for industrial use.  Typical applications include wastewater treatment plants, food processing facilities, lift stations, landfills, waste transfer stations, waste to energy facilities, waste disposal companies. biosolids facilities, composting plants, rendering operations, animal by-products facilities, poultry processors, hog farms, fertilizer plants, dairies, etc.

    This chemical is effective on ammonia, sulfides, mercaptans, amines, indole/skatole compounds, etc.  Tackles tough odors.