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  • OCP&E Biological Odor Control System Booster

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    Biological Odor Control System Booster is a concentrated biological liquid additive with a powerful yet neutral, natural odor counteractant to augment overloaded, underperforming biological odor control systems such as biofilters, modular biofilters, bioscrubbers, and biotrickling towers. This specific Bacilius blend plus micronutrients targets hydrogen sulfide by utilizing sulfur as a food source.  The bacteria blend also controls a broad spectrum of odors.  The natural odor counteractant provides stack exhaust polishing from fugitive emissions and break-through odors.  Imparts a neutral scent.  Concentration: 700 Million CFU/ml. Guaranteed not to destroy biological systems, this formula functions as a safe and effective polishing agent/booster.  Maintenance-free application: Simply pour into the nutrient feed port, or meter and pump into the unit. This green and sustainable product is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and sewer disposable. Do not mix this chemical with oxidizers, acids, or other chemicals.  Keep from heat, sparks, flame, and freezing.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Two (2) year shelf life at ambient temperatures. Available in 5 gallon plastic pails, 55 gallon HDPE drums, 265 gallon poly totes, and 500-1,500 gallon customized mini-bulk tanks.


    The Bacilius blend increases sulfur consumption, competes with volatile fatty acids, and F.O.G. as a food source, digests sludges and biofilms while increasing microbial population.  Fights the formation of hydrogen sulfide and decreases odors.

    Contains liquid, solubilized micronutrients essential for optimal growth and performance.  Micronutrients can also be purchased separately as a powder formula.

    Effective growth and treatment across temperature ranges.

    Stable two (2) year shelf life.

    Non-toxic, non-hazardous.  No CA Prop. 65 substances.


    Maintenance-free.  Simply pour product into nutrient port, or meter and dose into the unit via peristaltic metering pump.

    Enhances performance of under-designed, overburdened, and underperforming systems.

    Contains natural odor counteractant to tackle tough odors.  Eliminates stack exhaust odors from breakthrough and fugitive emissions.

    Guaranteed not to adversely affect biological odor control systems.  No biocides.

    Streamlines chemical inventories.  Formula is safe and effective to employ around the facility as the sole odor control agent for headworks, lift stations, wastewater treatment plant processes, food processing facilities, animal rendering plants, biogas plants, biosolids facilities, composting operations, etc.