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Mega Wolverine 40LB Odor Adsorber Barrel, 20CFM Max


The Mega Wolverine 40lb filter mounts on top of existing plumbing ventstacks making installation simple with no plumbing to run. This is the perfect choice for your large commercial and medium industrial vent system odor.

The Mega Wolverine: a budget-conscious filter for use when cost is more important than aesthetics. The Mega Wolverine is available in 20 or 40 pound models.

All you need to do to start eliminating vent odor now is measure, order, and install. That's It! If your plumbing system contains multiple vent stacks, you will need to purchase one Mega Wolverine for each vent. 

The MB-20 and MB-40 is standard equipped with Sulfursorb Catalytic Activated Carbon, which is non-hazardous according to the definition for "health hazard" and "physical hazard" provided in the OSHA Hazard Communication Law (29 CFR Part 1910).

The design of the Mega Wolverine Activated Carbon Vent Filter offers Easy Installation, Easy Carbon Bed Replacement, and The Mega Wolverine is the only filter on the market that offers a unique Saturation Indicator that allows you to monitor the carbon bed life. The indicator simply changes color when the activated carbon is nearing the saturation point and indicates when it's time for a carbon bed change out.

The Mega Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Vent Filter is available in 2 different sizes : 20 lb filters and 40 lb filters. 

The MB-20 20lb filters accommodate 3", 4", and 6" inch vents pipes.

The MB-40 40lb filters accommodate 4", 6", and 8" vent pipes. The Mega Wolverine can also be special ordered in custom sizes to work in almost any vent pipe application.

(Standard Sizing is of PVC Schedule 40. For Non-standard vent pipes, such as copper or cast iron, a No-Hub Adaptor will also be needed).