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  • Jereh C-Create Electrostatic Electric Disinfecting Vehicle

    $55,000.00 $54,500.00

    In stock, Jereh C-Create Electrostatic Electric Disinfecting Vehicle, Elevator Containable.  Unique & Innovative Design.  Ideal for airports, auditoriums, conference halls, colleges, schools, universities, institutions, hospitals, etc.

    Particle Size: 40 Microns

    Noise Level: < 60 dB

    Special Feature: Elevator Containable

    Weight: 1433 Lbs.

    Nozzle Configuration: 10 Total (4 on each side and 2 on the back)

    Spray Width: 13 Feet

    Tank Capacity: 21.1 Gallons

    Speed 2-3 Miles Per Hour

    Coverage Area: 860,000 Square Feet Per Charge

    Flow Rate: 1300-1800 ml/mn

    Dimensions: 81.1" x 35.4" x 66.9"