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  • In stock, wall mounted ultrasonic atomizer

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    In stock, wall mounted ultrasonic atomizer, 110V

    Fog Type: Ultrasonic atomization

    Features: Built-in high density filter to prevent blocking, clogging

    Voltage: AC 110-240V/50-60Hz

    Working Power: 10W, 5V

    Fog Output: 500 cubic feet per minute

    Spray Distance: 500mm (19.685 inches).  Initial distance from machine.  Fog will built throughout room.

    Chemical Reservoir: 1000ml

    Usages: Disinfection, deodorization, mosquito/insect control

    Application: Hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, classrooms, patient rooms, public areas, hotels, offices

    Net weight: 2.5kg

    Gross weight: 3kg

    Certifications: CE, RoHS

    Packaging size: 48cm x 37cm x 13cm