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  • In stock, premium cordless ULV cold fogger backpack sprayer w/3.5 hour run time

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    In stock, premium cordless ulv cold fogger backpack sprayer with extra long 3.5 hour run time, 2 hour charge (most cordless foggers run for 10-45 minutes with 2-2.5 hour charge time).  There are two (2) models available: Standard and Electrostatic (a/k/a Terminator).

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    24V, 200W machine

    Effective Range: 12-14 meters

    Particle Size: 10-50 microns 

    Weight: 8.5kg

    Tank capacity: 10L 

    1. No need for external power supply, one-button start, flexible, and convenient
    2. Military-grade waterproof standard, high-speed brushless fan
    3. Intelligent automatic water cleaning cycle system
    4. Multi-functional imported ceramic spray head, can be switched at will, ultra-low, can be used both indoor and outdoor
    5. Built-in power display LCD screen can show working time and environment temperature at any time
    6. Long continuous working for 3.5 hours on a single charge
    7. Intelligent fast charge-only two hours when fully charged, sustainable work
    8. No pollution, zero emission, no exhaust, low noise

    9. Large caliber water inlet