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  • In Stock, Disenfesh Electronic Disinfection Fogging Machine

    $250.00 $149.00

    In stock, Disenfesh portable, electric disinfection fogging machine.

    Each spray covers 20 square meters in 30 seconds.  Each 100ml disinfectant can spray 10-12 times and can disinfect 200 square meters.  Machine pre-heats liquid for 3 minutes after power on, indicator light on.  Spray disinfectant via button or manually.  Variable temperatures: 5cm @ 40 degrees C, 10cm @ 30 degrees C, and 30 cm @ room temperature.

    110V, US plug


    Dimensions: 23cm x 11cm x 16cm

    Weight: 2kg

    Range: 3-6 meters

    Material: Aluminum/plastic