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  • Igeba U5M

    $5,600.00 $5,495.00

    Igeba U5M

    Igeba®--The Global Standard for Excellence in Fogging & Spraying

    Igeba┬« U5M is a self-contained, gas motor driven ULV cold fogger and sprayer.  Powered by a Briggs and Stratton commercial grade, 4-stroke engine, this unit requires no power cords or generators, making it portable and available with a cart wheel mount option.  The low noise output makes the U5M ideal for spraying and treating public spaces, residential areas, parks, resorts, golf courses, warehouses, food processing facilities, hospitals, and so on.

    Igeba U5M details:

    • Applies all types of fogging and spraying solutions, except Steri-Fab
    • Briggs & Stratton 3.5 HP/ 2,5 KW 4-Stroke motor
    • Self-Contained Unit--no power cords or generators required
    • Quiet Machine--low noise gas motor and pump
    • All Stainless Steel tube chassis with low center of gravity
    • One adjustable, high flow precision nozzle
    • Built-in Manometer to control flow and pressure
    • Compact 23.5" x 21" x 22.8" (60cm X 53,5cm X 58cm)
    • Lightweight and portable--weighs 84 lbs. (38kg)
    • Quick change 5.3 gallon (20L) solution tank
    Additional U5M Options:

    Optional Remote Control 16 ft long (5m) cord allows operation from cab or front seat of vehicle

    Hose Extension with Nozzle 16 ft long (5m) combination extension hose to expand the reach.

    Igeba U5M Specifications:

    • Weight Empty: 84 lbs/38 kg
    • Dimensions Inches: 23.6 x 21 x 22.8
    • Dimension Cm: 60 x 53,5 x 58
    • Solution Tank Capacity: 5.3 G/ 20 L
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.5 G/ 2 L
    • Fuel Requirements: Unleaded Gasoline
    • Fuel Consumption: 0.22 G hr / 8,5 L hr
    • Max Flow Rate (water): 2.6 G hr/ 10 L hr
    • Motor Performance: 3.5 HP/ 2,5 KiloWatts
    Use the Igea U5M for:
    • Water and Oil based solutions and formulations
    • For all ULV and cold fogging/spraying applications 
    • Mosquito, gnat, fly, and other flying insect control
    • Disease Control transmitted through insects, bacteria, or fungi
    • Disinfection or treatment of poultry and livestock containment areas
    • Application of deodorants and odor control chemicals, both oil and water based
    • Aphid, mildew, and rot control in orchards, nurseries, etc.
    • Mold and Mildew control in commercial and residential applications