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  • Igeba U40M HD

    $19,995.00 $18,750.00

    Igeba U40M HD

    The Igeba® U40M fogger is a self-contained, frame mounted, gas motor driven ULV cold fogger and sprayer.  Powered by a Briggs and Stratton commercial grade 4-stroke engine, this machine does not require power cords or generators.  High output coupled with rugged, durable design, the U40M is ideal for spraying or treating both indoor/outdoor large areas such as plant nurseries, poultry and livestock containment areas, golf courses, city parks, resorts, residential areas, food processing facilities, dairies, etc.

    Igeba U40M HD details:

    • Applies all types of fogging and spraying solutions, except Steri-Fab
    • Briggs & Stratton 18 HP Vanguard 4-stroke motor
    • Self-Contained Unit--no power cords or generators needed
    • Highest quality standards of any ULV fogger/aerosol generator
    • All stainless steel tube chassis with low center of gravity
    • All stainless steel fuel and formulation tanks
    • Critical parts fabricated in brass, Teflon, or Viton
    • Four (4)-360˚ adjustable, high flow, precision nozzles
    • Cab remote controls for starting and stopping fogging/spraying
    • Built-in Manometer to control flow and pressure
    • Options include tank agitator and hose extensions


    Hose Extension with Nozzle: 33 ft long (10m) combination extension hose to expand the reach

    Tank Agitator: Keeps solution properly mixed during application


    • Weight Empty: 432 lbs / 196 kg
    • Dimensions Inches: 43.3 x 37.4 x 26.7
    • Dimensions Cm: 110 x 95 x 68
    • Standard Solution Tank Capacity: 19.8 G / 75 L
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3 G / 20 L
    • Fuel Requirements: Unleaded Gasoline
    • Fuel Consumption: 1.2 G hr / 4,5 L hr
    • Max Flow Rate (water) 15.8 G hr / 60 L hr
    • Motor Performance: 18 HP / 13,4 Kilowatts

    Use the Igeba U40M for:
    • Water and oil based solutions and formulations
    • For all ULV and cold fogging/spraying applications
    • Mosquito, gnat, fly, and other flying insect control
    • Control of diseases transmitted via insects, bacteria, viruses, fungi
    • Disinfection of large areas, surfaces, and objects
    • Aphid, mildew, and rot control in orchards, nurseries, etc.
    • Mold and mildew control in commercial applications
    • Application of deodorants and odor control chemicals