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  • Igeba TF-95 Thermal Fogger


    Igeba TF-95 Thermal Fogger

    IGEBA® - The Global Standard for Excellence and Quality in Thermal Fogging
    The TF-95 fogs medium to large areas, indoors and outdoors quickly and economically. The TF-95 HD can apply both oil and water based solutions by swapping the standard fog tube for the optional water fog tube kit.

    Note: Do not use Steri-Fab in this fogger.

    IGEBA TF-95 HD Features

    • 5.5 Liter stainless steel fuel tank and 60 Liter formulation tank.
    • 4140 stainless steel expansion chamber & tube.
    • TF-95 and 160 models equipped with an auto-shut off device for safety.
    • All other parts contacting solution are made of brass or Teflon.
    • TF-95 is available with remote operating and start/stop controls.
    • Raise and lower the Fog Tube level with simple hand cranks.
    • One of the quietest platform mounted pulse jet thermal foggers.
    • Designed from the beginning to be a platform mounted fogger - not a kit or adaptation.
    • Optional "W" Fog Tube makes it water based solution compatible.
    • Global ISO 9001 Certificate awarded to all IGEBA foggers.
    • Absolutely reliable ignition uses 4 "D" cell batteries - no spark plugs.
    • Convenient stainless steel drain at the bottom of solution tank.
    • Ships with: operators manual (book and CD), maintenance kit, 3 dosage nozzles, and more.
    • Weight Empty: 87 lbs / 39,5 kg
    • Dimensions Inches: 78 x 23.5 x 24.5
    • Dimensions Cm: 198 x 60 x 62
    • Solution Tank Capacity: 15.8 G / 60 L
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.4 G / 5,5 L
    • Fuel Requirements: Unleaded Gasoline
    • Fuel Consumption: 1.05 G hr / 4 L hr
    • Max Flow Rate (oil): 26.5 G hr / 100 L hr
    • Ignition Batteries: 4 "D" batteries

    Use the Igeba TF-95 for:
    • Mosquito, gnat, fly, and other flying insect control
    • Control of diseases transmitted via insects, bacteria, viruses, fungi
    • Combat Malaria, Dengue/Yellow Fever, and more
    • Disinfection of large areas, surfaces, and objects
    • Disinfection or treatment of poultry and livestock containment
    • Mold and mildew control in commercial and residential settings
    • Hydration and pest control for greenhouses, plant nurseries, gardens
    • Application of deodorants and odor control chemicals
    • Special effects for the film and entertainment industry
    Igeba TF-95 Thermal Fogger Product Literature