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  • Igeba TF 65 Thermal Fogger


    Igeba TF-65 Thermal Fogger

    IGEBA TF 65/20 E Foggers
    TF-65 Series models are high performance, high capacity pulse jet thermal foggers employed to create large volumes of fog with very small particle sizes. Efficient indoors and outdoors. With the right options, the TF 65 series can apply oil and water based formulations with equal efficiency.  All TF 65 series foggers are equipped with a solution emergency shut-off valve for safe and reliable control.

    Note: Do not use Steri-Fab in this fogger.

    IGEBA TF-65 Features:

    • Fogs oil and water based solutions.
    • Applies up to 20G / 75L per hour.
    • Output of 36.8 Kilowatts or 50 HP
    • Stainless steel fuel tank, air pump.
    • 4140 stainless expansion chamber.
    • Acid resistant model available.
    • Emergency shut off valve standard.
    • Global ISO 9001 Certificate.
    • Includes operators manual, maintenance kit, 3 dosage nozzles, spare gaskets, etc.
    • Weight Empty: 40 lbs/ 17,7 kg
    • Dimensions Inches: 72.4 x 17.7 x 20.1
    • Dimensions Cm: 184 x 45 x 51
    • Solution Tank Capacity: 5.2 G / 20 L
    • Pressure in Solution Tank: 0.3 bar
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.4 G / 5,5 L
    • Fuel Requirements: Unleaded Gasoline
    • Fuel Consumption: 1.1 G hr / 4 L hr
    • Pressure in Fuel Tank: 0.1 bar
    • Max Flow Rate (oil): 19.8 G hr / 75 L hour
    • Max Horizontal Reach (oil): 328+ ft / 100+ m
    • Max Horizontal Reach (water): 196 ft / 60 m
    • Ignition Batteries: 4 "D" batteries
    • Drain Plugs in both solution and fuel tanks

    Use Igeba TF-65 for:
    • For any indoor/outdoor fogging application
    • For oil and water based solutions
    • Ideal as vehicle or stationary mount fogger
    • Fogs several acres in a very short period of time
    • Applying EcoBird Fogging Repellent
    • Mosquito, gnat, fly, and other flying insect control
    • Control of diseases transmitted via insects, bacteria, viruses, and fungi
    • Disinfection of large areas, surfaces, or objects
    • Disinfection or treatment of poultry and livestock containment areas
    • Mold and mildew control in commercial and residential settings
    • Hydrate greenhouses, plant nurseries, gardens
    • Application of deodorants and odor control chemicals
    • Special effects for the film & entertainment industry
    Using EcoBird Bird Repellent in your TF-65:
    EcoBird Repellent is an oil based solution.  Use the standard TF-65/20E model for applying oil based solutions.  
    For water based solutions, order the optional water conversion kit.