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  • Igeba Nebulo

    $799.00 $750.00

    Igeba Nebulo

    The Igeba┬« Nebulo cold fogger employs a high powered electric motor and superior technology to produce a stable, uniform fog that carries farther and penetrates deeper than other cold foggers.  The Nebulo includes a variable flow regulator to fine tune fog particle size.  Ideal for applying non-flammable solutions including insecticides, disinfectants, deodorants, fungicides, bactericides, and more.

    Note: Do not use Steri-Fab in this fogger

    Igeba Nebulo details:

    • Powerful 700 watt electric motor
    • Variable flow regulator of 0-4 gallons per hour
    • 70% of all particles are under 20 microns regardless of flow
    • Produces a denser, more stable fog that carries farther
    • Equipped with 1 gallon chemically resistant poly solution tank
    • Versatile unit applies cleaners, deodorants, bactericides, fungicides, and more
    • Add an event timer (not included) for unattended, automated fogging
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