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Fogmaster Sentinel 5855 1HP, Dual 316SS Nozzle Fogging Package

$6,150.00 $5,950.00

Fogmaster Sentinel® 5855 1HP, 2-316SS Nozzle Fogging System

The Sentinel 5855 systems uses one or more Sentinel nozzles attached to a low pressure air manifold to atomize a liquid into small droplets. Nozzles can be pipe-mounted or hose-mounted. 

The controller, with several control options, regulates fogging activity, are available. These include a one-shot countdown timer, programmable 7-day timer and repeating cycle timer; humidity sensor/controller; or customer-supplied external device - anything that can close a switch (manual, contact, PLC, process controller, etc.).

The Sentinel nozzle creates a highly turbulent zone, dices liquid into droplets, and ejects it as a fast moving fog plume. Droplet size is adjustable, from less than 5 microns VMD to more than 40 microns.

This method ["cold fogging"] does not require high pressures, small orifices or hot surfaces for atomizing liquid. It works with both water- and oil-based liquids, and can atomize light suspensions (finely divided solids dispersed in a liquid carrier). And since the Sentinel nozzle has no small orifices, plugging is not a problem.

Nozzles are available in several materials. The standard nozzle uses Celcon® acetyl copolymer for internal elements; for fogging strong oxidizers, such as hydrogen peroxide and glutaraldehyde, HPDE elements are preferred; and for work in high temperature environments or involving erosive materials, nozzles are available in 316 stainless steel. 

For technical details and performance data, see FTN-022.

Fogmaster Sentinel 5855 Product Literature

Applications   Uses of the Sentinel 5855 system include:

  • Odor control at composting facilities, sludge drying sheds, septage receiving areas, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, exhaust stacks, and so forth; 
  • Fogging of chemical sanitizers or disinfectants in clean rooms, agricultural production facilities, and, with a hose-mounted nozzle, treatments to ambulances, school busses, vans, shipping containers; 
  • Pest control (production agriculture, food products storage, warehouses); 
  • Production processes needing to atomize liquids or suspensions;
  • Other atomizing applications with heavy duty-cycles and/or repeat cycle frequency. 

Cart Mounting / Portable Applications  For applications requiring portability, the 5855 can be mounted on a 2-wheeled cart. This carries controller, pump, blower (max size: 1.5 Hp), and one or two nozzles (pipe or hose mounted). 

Liquid Supply  The Sentinel 5855 can use a pump to supply fogging liquid from a pail, drum or tote. It can also draw from a solenoid valve to an elevated tank or water line. The carrier liquid can be premixed to the final dilution, or mixed in-line by a 5250 proportional injector. 

The control module includes relay contacts to open the valve or activate a supply pump. Although any type of pump can be used, peristaltic pumps are often preferred. They are self-priming, available in the low GPM ratings used in fogging, and often have variable output drives. 

A white paper, Liquid Supply Considerations for Sentinel® 5855 atomizing systems, provides useful background information on selecting equipment and designing the supply piping. 

MotorBrushless, capacitor-start. Explosion proof motors optional.
BlowerExternal regenerative blower, 1/2 Hp and up. Blower size is determined by the number of nozzles supported (per zone). Typically cast aluminum housing. Motor drive: usually shaft-mounted; V-belt drive available. 
NozzlesOne or more nozzles. Nozzles are available for mounting directly to the air supply pipe, or on a 15 ft hose with cam-lock fitting to attach to air source. Pipe-mounted nozzles offered with PVC union connection, or 1-1/2" NPTF. Fog discharge angle and direction is adjustable. 
Nozzle Technology

Counter-rotating vortex design. High turbulence in nozzle shears feed liquid into fog-sized droplets (5-50+ micron VMD). Liquid viscosity, surface tension, density and liquid feed rate affect droplet size. 

Nozzle is immune from plugging (minimum orifice approximately 1/8") and can be used to atomize liquids with suspended solids or light slurries. 

Particle Size,
4-50+ µ, adjustable. 
Liquid SupplyLiquid supply options include pump, gravity feed (elevated tank), or the local water system (in-line dilution with proportional injector). Liquid flow rate (per nozzle) is typically 0-20 oz [600 ml] /min, but flows up to 50 oz/min are used in some applications .
Liquid Flow ControlLiquid flow to each nozzle is controlled individually. This ensures proper distribution of liqud and control of droplet size at each point. A flowmeter (rotameter) with integral needle valve is normally used, but variable speed pumps are also available. 
Fogging LiquidsWater. Water-based chemicals. Oil-based chemicals. Suspensions. Light slurries. 
PortabilityCart option available for smaller systems [0.5 to 1.5 Hp]. 
Power Requirements

1Ø, 120V, 20A circuit for blowers to 1.5 Hp
[Note: 15A circuit acceptable for blower to 1.0 Hp]
1Ø, 220-240V, 15A circuit for blowers to 2.5 Hp
3Ø, 220-240/440-460 for blowers > 2.5 Hp

Intake FilterServiceable air cleaner, cartridge element. Filter flow rating determined by blower capacity. 
Materials of 
Enclosure - NEMA 4 (weathertight, corrosion resistant) fiberglass w/ stainless hardware 
Nozzle housing - corrosion resistant PVC w/ stainless clamps, or stainless steel
Liquid Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl, Viton, nylon, or stainless steel
Fittings - brass, acetal, or stainless steel
Nozzle elements - Celcon, Stainless steel, or HDPE
DimensionsDepends on specific configuration
Shipping WeightDepends on specific configuration
WarrantyOne year limited warranty.