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  • Fogmaster Analog Repeat Cycle Timer, 1-100 min. On/Off

    $235.00 $225.00

    Fogmaster Analog Repeat Cycle Timer, 1-100 min. On/Off 

    Repeat cycle timer. For odor control or applications requiring periodic discharge. Independent ON and OFF cycles (1-100 minutes each) let you balance fogging time/chemical usage. Cycle length is set with one-turn analog dial. 10 A contacts.

    Plug timer into electric outlet, and plug fogger into timer receptacle. Cords and receptacles are available for compatibility with electrical systems around the world, including the Americas (NEMA 515, 615), Europe (Schuko, Euro plug), United Kingdom, China, Australia and India.

    Fogmaster Analog Repeat Cycle Timer Product Literature

    223811: For 120VAC
    223821: For 240VAC