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  • Fogmaster 3290 High-Jet Drum Mounted Fogger with 15' nozzle on flex hose

    $816.00 $805.00

    Fogmaster High-Jet™ 3290 Drum Mount Fogger--Call to confirm availability.  Visit our in stock page for items available for immediate shipment.

    The High-Jet™ DM 3290 offers remote fogging, up to 35 feet from the chemical reservoir.

    Fog character, controlled by a valve on the power head, can be adjusted from a ULV (ultra low volume) dry fog (7-12 micron VMD) to a heavy wet mist (30+ micron size). High-Jet units are thus well suited to a wide range of applications, including odor control, pest control, sanitizing, moistening, dust control and humidification.

    The power head screws into a standard 2" NPT drum opening. It is offered in 120 and 240VAC versions, and includes a 9 foot power cord. A solenoid valve keeps lines charged and prevents chemical loss due to siphoning. And like all Fogmaster units intended for heavy-duty use, it incorporates a motor saver brush to prevent commutator damage at the end of the brush's life. 

    High-Jet foggers can be matched with three standard hose lengths. Custom nozzle end options are available, including a thumb operated fog ON-OFF switch at the wand so you can fog only target areas, without treating the entire room or wasting chemical. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

    The discharge height of the High-Jet is limited to its suction lift (about six feet above liquid height). For higher lifts, an auxiliary transfer pump or chemical feed pump is required. 

    Fogger may be controlled with timer (such as the 2238 or 2239 cycle timers) for automated operation and labor savings in situations requiring repeated fogging.

    The High-Jet DM 3290 ... another effective solution from Fogmaster.

    Fogmaster High-Jet 3290 DM Product Literature


    1 Hp, 50/60Hz 
    329010: 120V, 7 amp
    329020: 220-240V, 3.5 amp. 
    MS™ motor saver brushes standard

    Motor Brushes Motor brushes are a wear part and must be replaced when worn (estimated life - 600 operating hours). Product includes standard MotorSaver™ brushes to protect commutator as brushes reach end of life.
    Blower Balanced fan, 2 stage, 20,000 rpm (no load)
    Fogging Nozzle High shear, counter rotating vortex.
    Non-clogging design (no tiny orifices) 
    Fog on-off control valve (option; inquire of factory)
    Hose 15' & 25' lengths available (specify). A low pressure transfer pump is required when the fogging nozzle is higher than its native suction lift (about 6 ft above the base of the drum). 
    Particle Size 7-30 micron VMD, adjustable
    Liquid Flow Rate 0-9 oz/min [0-270 cc/min] under native suction lift.
    Otherwise, limited only by pump capacity.
    Nine turn vernier control/memory lock
    Chemicals Handles both oil- and water-based chemical solutions 
    (Liquid viscosity and density affect particle size distribution)
    Liquid Reservoir Capacity
    Attaches to the standard bung opening of most 15-, 30- or 55-gallon chemical drums. The DM fogger includes the drum adapter as shown, but not the drum itself. 
    Materials of 
    Power head housing and drum adapter - aluminum
    Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl 
    Fittings - brass 
    Flow control valve - glass filled nylon, stainless stem, Viton® seal 
    Hose - vinyl 
    Nozzle assembly - Celcon® w/ vinyl housing 
    Hose clamps and mounting hardware - stainless
    Regulatory Compliance UL, CSA, CE, PSE
    Dimensions H x L x Dia: 15.4 x 10.4 x 8.6 in [39 x 26 x 22 cm]
    Shipping Weight Power head - 12 pounds 
    Hose/nozzle assembly - 7 or 10 pounds
    Warranty One year