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EZ Sludge and Lagoon Pucks


EZ Sludge and Lagoon Pucks, 100 pucks packaged in 4 x 25 count bags.  Each puck is 2.5" diameter x 4 oz.  

Packaged in plastic re-seal bucket.

Specifically designed for sludge control and reduction.  

EZ Sludge and Lagoon Pucks are specifically formulated biological pucks with concentrated bacterial strains specially selected for maximizing sludge reduction, accelerating waste digestion, and improving settling.

The solid form allows for easy tossing application of the entire lagoon system, along with localized treatment of sludge islands and trouble spots.  As the pucks degrade the organic material, surface "bubbling" occurs as the pucks break down and reduces the sludge layer.

Features: Significantly reduces dredging frequency and costs.  Designed to work in anaerobic and facultative conditions.  Promotes even flow by eliminating the accumulation hotspots.  The dense pucks sink deep into the sludge blanket.

Directions for Use

For maintenance, apply evenly throughout the entire system. Localized treatment may be necessary for heavy sludge or sludge islands.

Usage Pails/Acre Pails/1000 M3
Initial Treatment 4 1
Heavy Sludge/Solids 6 1-2
Maintenance 1 0.25

Note: Dosing rates are dependent on temperature, pH, and content of the wastewater. The above applications and dosing rates may vary. For problematic systems, please contact your OCP&E technical representative.

Technical Specifications

Bacteria Count 6 Billion CFU per gram
Bacterial Type Non-Pathogenic Microbes
Color Colorless
Fragrance None
Gram Negatives Not Present
pH 6.0 - 9.0
Temperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 2 Year
Temperature 10 – 30 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 – 60%