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EZ Odor Control


EZ Odor Control


EZ Odor Control is a highly concentrated formula designed to combat malodors from many different sources. This powerful formula brings three levels of attack to knock down strong odors – a high-count blend of bacteria chosen specifically for their ability to break down odor-causing compounds, a highly effective odor counteractant to provide immediate neutralization of the odor itself, and a fresh citrus fragrance to mask and replace the odor.


Drain Lines, Down Pipes, Grease Traps, Waste Streams, Pits and Holding Tanks, Sewers, Dumpsters and Trash Chutes, Trash Cans, Landfills, Trash and Recycling Transfer Points, Pet Soiled Fabrics and Carpets

Directions for Use

Shake before use. Product is highly concentrated and can be diluted at any ratio up to 1:19 (product: water). Odor treatments are highly unique to each odor source and system. Try several dosing concentrations and/or application methods until odor control is achieved at the lowest concentration.


Effective against a wide variety of odor types and sources

Highly concentrated dilutable formula for a wide range of dosing and applications

Can be automatically dispensed or manually applied

Drain Lines and Down Pipes:

Add 4 oz. of EZ Odor Control per 2 inches of pipe size by pouring directly into the drain pipe, starting on the lowest floor and working up at a rate of one floor each day. Repeat 2 to 4 times weekly depending on drain usage and severity of odor.

Sludge/Solid Waste/Wastewater

Using a dilution of 1:5, 1:10, or 1:19 depending on the odor source and severity, the product can be sprayed either automatically or manually directly on to the odor source once or twice a day.

For treatment of stagnated or anaerobic waste streams, the product can be metered into the system at a dosage rate of 10-20 ppm or poured into the waste stream once or twice per day manually.

Soiled Fabrics/Carpets

Using a solution of 1:19, spray the affected area and allow to dry. Repeat treatment if necessary.
Color test all fabrics before application.

Note: Dosing rates are dependent on temperature, pH, and content of the wastewater. The above applications and dosing rates may vary. For problematic systems, please contact your OCP&E technical representative.

Grease Traps

  • Week One - 2 gallons per 500-gallon capacity
  • Week Two - 1 gallon per 500-gallon capacity
  • Maintenance - 0.5 to 1 gallon per week per 1000-gallon capacity.

NOTE: Systems with heavy grease loading should be dosed at 1.5X the above rates until the buildup is under control. Start with a 1:19 dilution and increase concentration until the odor issues are resolved.

Technical Specifications

Bacteria Count 4,000 Billion CFU per gallon
Bacterial Type Non-Pathogenic Microbes
Color White
Fragrance Citrus
Gram Negatives Not Present
pH 6.0 - 9.0
Termperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 1 Year
Storage Temperature 10 - 20 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 60%