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  • Dramm Hydra 50/50

    $3,295.00 $3,250.00

    Dramm Hydra Sprayer - 50 gallon

    Years of experience have culminated in Dramm's Hydra Sprayer line. The Hydra offers larger hose lengths, greater flow rates and larger tanks. The Hydra line is easy-to-use with features such as a convex reel to prevent bird nesting and a specialized agitation system to keep stubborn powders in suspension.

    The Dramm Hydra Multi-Spray Hydraulic Sprayer is a high volume hydraulic sprayer capable of performing a variety of tasks.  The Hydra is perfect for application of insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, fertilizers, disinfectants, deodorants, odor neutralizers, and other chemicals.  

    With a pump output of 4 gallons per minute, the Hydra produces enough volume to employ a variety of choice guns for a number of applications.  The tank agitation feature is ideal for slurries, powders, and other chemicals.  The pump maximum pressure is 500 PSI with a fully adjustable pressure regulator.  Varying pressures produce a variety of droplet sizes and spray distances.  The Hydra utilizes a close-coupled pump to eliminate belt or chain maintenance.  This system is equipped with a sealed 1.5 HP electric motor.

    The standard spray gun includes a variety of spray patterns with an output of 1.3 gallons per minute.  Different nozzle tips are available for lower or higher flow rates.  Other options include the Dramm L-5 Lance and the Dramm MS-Trigger Gun.

    The Hydra is standard equipped with a 50 gallon tank mounted on a maneuverable cart with rear casters for easy turning when full.  This unit includes 150 feet of hose on a variable drag reel.