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Curtis Dynafog Nightstar

$7,985.00 $7,895.00


ULV/LVM – Automatically dispenses all types of formulations into enclosed environments.

Enables automatic, unattended spraying, reduced labor costs and worker exposure to chemicals. Assures a higher efficiency of che coverage by generating uniform droplets which are evenly distr throughout the area being treated.
• Treats up to 60,000 square feet (6,000 square meters) with auxiliary fans.
• High capacity fan with adjustable horizontal and vertical positions.
• Programmable timer with user friendly with digital display.
• Simple formulation system—no restrictions in chemical lines to allow blockage.
• High output nozzle assures rapid and efficient application.
• Auto flush system provides optimum performance.
• Formulation tank: 3 gallon (12 liter) with agitation system.
• Adjustable flow rate selection to meet specific needs.

Adjustable height and large wheeled cart for maneuverability
To be able to apply insecticides as well as fungicides and disinfectants, the applicator must be able to produce the proper droplet size.   The Nightstar has all you need by giving you a choice of 4 different droplet sizes.

1) 8 MICRONS: For control of adult Insects, droplets of this size will settle from the air in about 3 hours, minimizing the possibility of pesticides being ventilated from the greenhouse.
2) 20 MICRONS: For leaving an insecticide deposit on leaves, including the underside.
3) 30 MICRONS: To leave a larger fungicidal deposit for Protection as the leaf grows.
4) 50 MICRONS: Provides a “wetting effect” for activating disinfectants.

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