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Concentrated Nitrifier Blend for WWTP, 10 lb jug


Product Name:  TRBC- 500N Concentrated Nitrifier Blend for Wastewater Treatment     

 Description: TRBC- 500N is a blend of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter spp. bacteria designed to supplement nitrification in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems. It can be applied to activated sludge systems, aerated lagoons, fixed film bioreactors, and sequencing batch reactors. TRBC – 500N can be used to supplement nitrifying systems that are not meeting the desired level of nitrification or as an aid to re-establishing nitrification following system upsets or shutdowns. TRBC – 500N is effective in systems containing ammonia concentrations up to 900 mg/l.  This product is for sale only in the United States as the product must ship overnight in an insulated container and must be stored refrigerated.        

Ammonia Conversion Rate: Equal to or greater than 750 mg/l NH3 per hr per kg of product     

Nitrite Conversion Rate: Equal to or greater than 650 mg/l NO2- per hr per kg of product          

Genus/Species: Nitrosomonas/Nitrobacter spp. -- Class One Organisms                                  

Product Form: Liquid Slurry                                               

Appearance: Rose to Brownish Red in color                                             

Odor: Musty                                      

Product Density: 8.41 lbs./gal                    

pH: 6.7 – 7.4  

Boiling Point: 212 °F

Freezing Point: 31 °F

Shelf Life: Three months if kept refrigerated at 40 – 45 °F. Do not freeze.

Packaging Specifications: Product packaged in plastic jugs containing ten pounds (~1.2 gallons) of product each and shipped via overnight courier in insulated packaging.