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  • Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Hydraulic

    $7,495.00 $7,109.32

    Monsoon Hydraulic

    The Buffalo Turbine Hydraulic Dust / Odor Controller misting system is a permanent solution for any dust and odor control, designed for the Demolition, C&D Recycling, and Metal Recycling industries. The Hydraulic Dust Controller can be powered by any hydraulic source that has at least 16 gpm flow rates. Simply connect the Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle to a common 3/4″ water line, and harness the power of a legendary Buffalo Turbine single stage blower to control and suppress dust and odor particles. Attaches directly to skid-steer style machines; also available in a skid-mount.


    • Hydraulic Monsoon for Skidsteers and Utility Vehicles with Skidsteer quick mount plate.
    • Hydraulically driven Blower runs off of any existing equipments auxiliary Hydraulics.
    • 16gpm to 25gpm Hydraulic required.
    • Available in Basic skid mount.
    • Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle.
    • 12 volt Oscillation stand is available.
    Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Hydraulic Dust Control Product Literature

    Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Hydraulic Odor Control Product Literature

    Monsoon Hydraulic Model BT-HYSS3M Specifications  

    • BT-HYSS3M: Hydraulic Monsoon Skidsteer Attachment.  Factory List Price is $7,495.00, not including freight.  OCP&E® sale price of $7,109.32 delivered.

    • BT-HY3M: Hydraulic Monsoon Universal Mount.  Factory List Price is $7,495.00, not including freight.  OCP&E® sale price of $7,109.32 delivered.
    Buffalo Turbine Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle
    • Single, low maintenance non-plugging nozzle generates atomized water mist to control and suppress dust, odor and smoke particulates.
    • Uses standard municipal water pressure and common 3/4″ garden hose connection.
    • Adjust water volume from 0 to 20 gallons per minute.
    • Change spray direction with remote control for non-electric models.
    • Horizontal spray over 125′ in neutral wind.
    • Vertical spray over 50′ in neutral wind.