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  • Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Gasoline

    $9,995.00 $9,499.00

    Monsoon Gasoline

    The Monsoon Dust / Odor Controller Gasoline offers a mobile solution for any dust / odor control issues. Not only do you get the convenience of a 26.5 HP Gasoline fuel injected engine, but you also have the luxury of a wireless controller to help fine tune the machine to various applications. The Dust & Odor Controller products DO NOT USE nozzle tips, so there won’t be any wasted time cleaning out plugged nozzle tips. With a range of 0-20 gallons per minute (GPM), the Dust Controller will help control dust / odor across all industries. Flow rates will depend on the water supply.

    The Monsoon Dust / Odor Controller Gasoline is designed to immediately control and suppress dust and odor in industrial or commercial applications. Improve air quality, lower health risks, and help maintain environmental compliance by implementing the Buffalo Turbine Dust Controller at your work site.

    Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Gasoline Dust Control Product Literature

    Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Gasoline Odor Control Product Literature

    Monsoon Gasoline Model BT-CKB5EFIM Specifications

    Monsoon Gasoline Model BT-MGC2EFI Specifications

    BT-MGC2EFI: Factory List Price is $14,995.00, not including freight.  OCP&E® sale price is $14,499.00 delivered.  

    BT-CKB5EFIM: Monsoon KB5 Includes ECH749-3060 EFI Kohler® Engine with Wireless Remote.  Factory List Price is $9,995.00.  OCP&E® sale price is $9,499.00 delivered.


    • 3 wheel off-road trailer package for ease of transport
    • New, high speed oscillation up to 270°
    • Wireless Nozzle and Throttle Control
    • Instant Idle
    • Wireless start/stop function(no choke required)
    • 26.5 HP Kohler® Fuel Injected Engine with 3 year warranty
    • Available without oscillation (CKB5EFIM)

    Buffalo Turbine Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle

    • Single, low maintenance non-plugging nozzle generates atomized water mist to control and suppress dust, odor and smoke particulates.
    • Uses standard municipal water pressure and common 3/4″ garden hose connection.
    • Adjust water volume from 0 to 20 gallons per minute.
    • Change spray direction with remote control for non-electric models.
    • Horizontal spray over 125′ in neutral wind.
    • Vertical spray over 50′ in neutral wind.