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Buffalo Turbine CSM3 Sprayer w/100 Gallon Poly Tank and DOT Trailer Package

$20,124.50 $19,750.00

CSM3 Sprayer with DOT Trailer Package

The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Gasoline with 100 Tank and DOT Trailer package is ideal for landfills, waste transfer stations, composting job sites, poultry operations, animal by-products facilities, dairies, wastewater treatment facilities, etc.  The DOT Trailer package is well suited for large terrain, barrier, and perimeter spraying as well as on/off road work sites.  

This unit features a CH740-3180 Kohler engine, bolt-on 100 gallon poly tank with 8" fill inlet, hoses, cab control box with 12 volt throttle, nozzle, and ball valve controls, gyratory atomization nozzle, liquid on/off switch, and D.O.T. trailer package.  

Buffalo Turbine CSM Sprayer Product Literature

CSM Sprayer Specifications

BT-CSM3DOT: Includes DOT Trailer and Tank, 25 HP engine, bolt-on 100 gallon PCO tank with hoses, cab control box with nozzle, throttle, liquid on/off switch, and DOT trailer package.  Factory List Price is $20,124.50. not including freight.  OCP&E® price is $19,750.00 delivered.