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  • Buffalo Turbine Air Mister Ceiling Mount Fan

    $3,157.00 $2,806.55

    Monsoon Air Mister Ceiling Mount

    The Air Mister Ceiling Mount is ideal for waste transfer stations, recycling centers, biosolids facilities, warehouses, foundries, factories, livestock, etc.  This unit provides odor and dust control as well as evaporative cooling.  The ceiling mount oscillates a full 180˚.


    • Lightweight 73 lb.
    • Vapor Trail up to 50'
    • 1 HP Electric Motor
    • Water Output Maximum 10 Gallons Per Hour
    • @ 5 GPH Droplet Size is 20 Microns (Fogging)
    • Offered Below Factory Direct Price on GSA Piggyback Discount; Price Includes Freight

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