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Buffalo Turbine Air Mister

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Monsoon Air Mister

The Monsoon Air Mister is the ideal solution for on-demand odor and dust control for recycling facilities, waste transfer stations, wood recycling, composting, WWTPs, poultry operations, and other applications where a portable, oscillating machine is desired.  As an evaporative cooler, the Air Mister offers relief to employees by lowering the temperature of work areas and thereby reducing heat stress and heat related injuries.

The Monsoon Air Mister utilizes a proprietary, high speed rotary disc atomizer which can distribute a fine mist of water up to 50'.  This revolutionary design is lightweight, portable, and requires only a 110V power source and standard 1/2" hose barb fitting for connection.  This portable machine is equipped with a 16 gallon poly tank and can produce a complete 90˚ oscillation.  Economical and easy to maintain.  This nozzle-free fan is not prone to plugging or clogging.


  • Lightweight @ 73 lb
  • Low Maintenance
  • Nozzle-Free design
  • 16 gallon Poly Tank
  • Output Range of 50'
  • Portable
  • Odor and Dust Control plus Evaporative Cooling
  • Offered Below Factory Price at GSA Piggyback Discount; Price Includes Freight

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