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Breakdown, 12 x 1-quart case



Why should you use BREAKDOWN?

The performance of the microbial population in sewage and waste water treatment facilities is never one hundred percent. Over loading, toxic inputs, pH, temperature, and other fluctuations place continuous stress on the ability of the micro-organisms to do their job. BREAKDOWN reduces the harmful effects of these stresses on the micro-organisms. The result is faster decomposition of wastes, producing more completely digested and odorless end products.

BREAKDOWN is a concentrated plant extract containing steroid saponin. When placed in the growing environment of the micro-organisms that digest organic wastes, the steroid saponin acts as an anti-stress agent that accelerates the decomposition process. Please refer to the accompanying research reports for more detailed information on the anti-stress properties of BREAKDOWN.

Methods of Application and Directions for Use

Methods of Application:

  • Metering: To meter BREAKDOWN into a holding tank, pipeline lift station, clarifier, digester or oxidation pond influent, dilute to any desired concentration in water and meter into the influent with a small injection pump, or drip from a nurse tank through a small valve.
  • Spraying: To spray BREAKDOWN, dilute to desired strength with water. It will not settle out, making agitation unnecessary. If foaming is a problem, use a defoamer with the mix.

Directions for Use:

  • Holding Tanks, Pipelines and Lift Stations: To clean, degrease and initiate odor control, treat sewer main flow or holding tank with 0.5 ppm BREAKDOWN.
  • Clarifiers: To control odor, floc and drop out solids, treat plant or clarifier influent with 0.5 ppm of BREAKDOWN. After desired results are obtained, reduce treatment to 0.2ppm.
  • Anaerobic Digesters: To accelerate digestion, treat digester influent with 2.0 ppm of BREAKDOWN. After gas production increases and the flame is blue, reduce treatment to 1.0 ppm.
  • Oxidation Ponds: To control odors and reduce BOD, treat pond influent with 0.2 ppm until odors are controlled, then maintain a treatment of 0.1 ppm. After the pond is full and the influent is stopped, treat the gallon volume of the pond with 0.2 ppm on a weekly basis, spraying onto the pond surface from the bank on the windward side.
  • Solid Wastes: Spray waste surface weekly with a solution containing one pint BREAKDOWN per 100 gallons of spray.

Expect Results in Five to Ten Days:
Listed below are specific test results and research which may be obtained by contacting us.

  1. Anti-Stress Action of Breakdown on the Metabolism of Micro-organisms
  2. Effects of Breakdown on Production of Methane from Digesting Chicken Manure
  3. The Efficacy of Yucca Saponin in Reducing Ammonia Emission from Poultry Manure at Texas A & M University
  4. Effects of Yucca Saponin on the Proliferation of Micro-Organisms
  5. Effects of Breakdown on the Anerobic Digestion of Poultry Manure
  6. Evaluation of the Odor Control Potential of Breakdown in Sugar Beet Waste
  7. Results of Breakdown Odor Control Test Conducted at Winery Lagoons in California
  8. Increasing the Removal of Slime and Algae from Drip Irrigation Systems by Using Breakdown in Conjunction with an Algaecide