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  • Aquafog Hydro SS 700, Bench-Top Atomizer


    Bench Top Misting System

    The Hydro SS 700 Bench Top fine mist fogging fan is a standing unit that includes a recirculation sump. The water supply is fed and maintained by a float valve and a small submersible pump which feeds the atomizing fan head.

    The SS 700 Bench Top has a fogging output capability up to 3.5 gallons per hour and is ideal for applications when a hanging unit is not practical. The Hydro SS 700 unit comes equipped with an on/off power switch, 15' of water line and a 14' power cord with a plug.

    • Quiet operation
    • Reuses its own waste water
    • No drainage area required
    • Pivoting fogging head
    • Simple garden hose connect
    Aquafog Hydro Product Catalog

    Misting Capability: Up to 3.5 gal per hour
    CFM: 980
    Energy Consumption: 1.8 A
    Noise @ 10 ft distance: 63 dB(A) @ 10 ft
    Average Particle Size: 50 microns
    Weight: 17 lbs
    Fan Dimensions:

    Width 16 in

    Depth 20 in

    Height 25 in

    Hardware: 300 Series stainless steel

    Endures temperatures from
    33° to 160°

    Indoors / outdoors

    Humidity to 85% RH

    UV stabilized & impact resistant