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  • Airofog UM2 Truck Mounted ULV Cold Fogger


    Airofog UM2 Truck Mounted ULV Cold Fogger.  In stock and ready to ship.

    Airofog aerosol generator: UM2 is a professional fogger designed to eliminate disease, vectors, and viruses by incorporating an ultra low volume (ULV) spray system with independently controlled bi-directional nozzles.  This sprayer is certified ISO 9001 from Germany, CE certified, conforms to WHO standards, and is ideal for use in disinfection, sanitization, and pest control applications.  This model is best suited for large indoor and outdoor, non-enclosed areas.  The UM2 is specifically designed to be a vehicle mounted sprayer where the 5m remote, cab mounted feature controls engine start/stop, solution tank and system flushing with empty tank alarm, and independent nozzle controls.  The double turbine nozzles are well suited for wettable powders and other flowable formulations without clogging.  The safety interlock ensures that the spray heads can only operate while the blower is in operation, thereby eliminating accidental discharge of solution.  The chemically resistant parts are stainless steel, Teflon TM, Viton TM, PE, and PA for maximum durability.


    Fully enclosed side mount blower

    Durable stainless steel construction

    13 HP Briggs and Stratton motor

    High capacity air filter

    2 nozzles which can be positioned in any direction

    Double turbine nozzles for consistent micron size

    Separate flushing tank for immediate system flush

    Cab mount controls--never requires calibration

    The UM-4 model is not available in the USA right now (as of 05/21/21)