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  • Airofog UE-1 cart mounted ulv cold fogger w/ side mounted fully enclosed blower


    Airofog UE-1 electric, cart mounted ulv cold fogger with side mount, fully enclosed blower.  110V.  In stock and ready to ship.

    Airofog electrically driven ulv cold foggers are professional application for applying disinfectants, biocides, growth regulators, pesticides, odor control chemicals, insecticides, or for humidification use indoors or outdoors.  The fogger incorporates a maintenance-free encapsulated powerful electric, corrosion resistant blower ideally suited for aggressive chemicals such as acid-based chemicals.  This unique fogger also allows for it to be pre-programmed for automatic operation without the presence of an operator.  This special feature improves safety by reducing or eliminating chemical exposure.  The chemical flow rate is easily adjustable and visualized via the regulator/controller feature, which reduces chemical consumption and costs.  The UE-1 includes rotational spray heads which automatically rotates to 360°, ensuring uniform distribution of fog.  The solution tanks contains an agitator for wettable powders and chemicals requiring constant agitation.

    Specifications.  Please note that the UE-2 is not available in the USA.