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Aeromist 300 PSI 60' Nylon Misting System w/ Enclosed Pump

$1,040.00 $990.00

Quick Overview:

This 60FT. kit includes 300 PSI enclosed misting pump, 3/8" OD nylon mist line, nylon feed line, push lock fittings, nozzles, and clamp kits.

Kit Contents:

152300Misting Pump 300 PSI with 5 micron sediment filter
156401-1Nylon Tubing 50 FT Roll
2956403Nylon Tubing 24” 3/8" OD
30523753/8” Push Lock Nozzle Union
3051423-LPLow Pressure Anti Drip Hex Series Nozzle .012 10/24 
3523763/8” Push Lock Elbow
1523773/8” Push Lock Tee
2523793/8” Push Lock end Plug
165186Mini Tube Cutter
4056375Rubber Clamp
4052603Plastic Anchor