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  • Aeromist 24" Heavy Duty Misting Fan

    $749.00 $729.00

    Quick Overview:

    · WHITE, Sealed severe duty, Class F 
    · insulated, ball bearings, front & rear, motor 
    · The motor is C-UL recognizable 
    · Heat resistant
    Kit includes:  16" stainless steel mist ring with six nozzle ports (6) 51403-LP nozzles (.012 orifice) 25' nylon tubing with hose adapter.

    · WHITE, Sealed severe duty, wash down, Class F insulated, ball bearings, front & rear, motor has low energy consumption 
    · UL 507 certified (outdoor use) with a 3 yr warranty 
    · Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene fan blades 
    · Corrosion resistant, powder coated wire guards for safety 
    · 10’ 3-Conductor power cord with molded plug (120volt only) 
    · Universal yoke for mounting, optional mounting methods available 
    · Variable speed, with optional speed control 
    · 120 volt, 3.8 amps, 1580 rpm, 8,000 cfm 
    · Ideal for any: sport's complex, amusement park, factory, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and pig farms.